CLA Get Ready Internships

The College of Liberal Arts Get Ready Internships Initiative prepares and connects motivated sophomore students to transformative, meaningful, paid internship experiences at local organizations. This program will provide students the support, preparation and connections needed to break down common barriers experienced to internship participation, while providing employers access to an early talent pipeline that meets their diverse workforce needs.

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Download these pdf’s for a brief overview of CLA Get Ready Internships:

For Students: CLA Get Ready Internships: Bridging sophomores to paid professional experience
For Employers: CLA Get Ready Internships: Early talent opportunity for employers

FAQ for Students: Bridging sophomores to paid professional experience

Where can I learn more about CLA Get Ready Internships?

This flyer will give you an overview of the program. You can also fill out this google form and select “I want to learn more,” and the CLA Internship Coordinator will set up a meeting with you to answer any questions.

What is the program structure?

The program has three phases:
1) Prepare: In this phase you will enroll in a specific section of CLA 3002, Career Kickstarter: Finding Internships and Other Career-Related Experiences during fall semester on Monday at 2:30-3:45 pm with a cohort of PES peers. This course will guide you through the preparations needed to land an internship and connect you to organizations that have paid internship opportunities available.
2) Bridge: In late fall, CLA will connect and support you through the interview process for a paid internship.
3) Make the Most of Your Internship: Depending on which term you land your internship (spring or summer) you will take ID 3896: Internship Reflection with the CLA Get Ready Internship cohort also completing internships that term. This course will provide you with support from your peers and engage you in guided reflection about the experience helping you to construct meaning and practice articulating your growth, and setting you up for future career opportunities.

How do I apply to CLA Get Ready Internships?

Complete this google form and indicate “I’m ready to apply.”  You will need to answer a few questions, share an updated resume and provide a brief interest statement (250 words).

When do I need to apply?

The Priority Deadline is Monday, May 4, 2020, and we will continue to accept students on a rolling basis until the program is full. You will hear back regarding the status of your application by May 8, 2020 or within a week if you apply after the priority deadline.

What courses do I need to take?
  1. CLA 3002, Career Kickstarter: Finding Internships and Other Career-Related Experiences. This 1 credit course will meet once a week on Mondays from 2:30-3:45pm in Fall 2020. The course guides you through how to search for an internship and supports you in creating the application materials needed for success. This specific section reserved for CLA Get Ready Internship participants will offer enhanced support and connect you to local employers interested in accessing talent through CLA Get Ready Internships.
  2. CLA 3896, Internship Reflection: Make the Most of Your Internship. This 1 credit, hybrid course will be taken with your spring or summer CLA Get Ready Internship cohort. This course prepares you for different aspects of your experiences, supports you in building strong relationships and guides you through reflection to be able to articulate your growth and effectively market your skills. The course is primarily online, but will have 3 in-person sessions. If you are completing CLA 3896 in the summer, CLA will cover your cost of tuition.
How do I enroll in CLA 3002?

Upon notification of your acceptance into CLA Get Ready Internships on May 8, you will receive a permission number to enroll in the specific section of CLA 3002 (Monday, 2:30 - 3:45pm).

Why do I need to take these two courses to participate in CLA Get Ready Internships?

CLA Get Ready Internships, similar to most internship programs, wants to provide students with support, guidance and structure throughout the whole process of preparing for, finding and engaging in an internship. Using the two courses as a delivery method for providing this important support, streamlines the process for CLA. These courses are designed to offer this necessary content, and they provide a clear structure for finding a time to work with students, add enhanced networking opportunities and connect students to employers interested in finding early talent.


Learn more or apply by completing this CLA Get Ready Internship google form or reach out to CLA Internship Coordinator, Char Myers at

FAQ for Employers: Early talent opportunity for employers

What is the profile of students participating in the program?

CLA President’s Emerging Scholars students are resilient, involved and accomplished, as well as diverse: Many are the first in their family to attend college, Pell Grant recipients, indigenous students, and students of color. PES students are vetted through CLA admissions to participate in a supportive, culturally competent advising community that enhances academic excellence, campus engagement and professional development.

The College of Liberal Arts educates more of Minnesota’s workforce than any other college in the state with over 13,000+ undergraduate students. CLA students study across more than 60+ majors and minors in the Humanities, Languages, Arts, STEM and Social Sciences. Visit this page for more information about our students.

This program will target students in their Sophomore year who are eager to gain professional experience.

What training or support will CLA provide the students?

Students in the CLA Get Ready Internships program will take a career course that prepares them for successfully searching for and applying for internships. Prior to starting at their internship, students will complete an orientation module and attend an in-person preparation session. While completing their internship experience, students will be enrolled in a hybrid (mostly online) internship reflection course that supports them in building strong relationships and guides them through being able to successfully navigate and make the most of their experience. Students will additionally receive ongoing individual support from their PES advisors, instructors and career counselors.

What training or support will my organization have to provide?

Organizations will provide the training and support they would provide any intern. Keeping in mind best practices for orientation, onboarding, and managing an intern. The internship site will need to agree to CLA’s Internship Site Expectations. Our Internship Toolkit for Employers is our guide for creating quality internship experiences and includes best practices for preparing for, managing, and skillfully ending an internship. CLA’s Employer Engagement team is also available for consultation at any point.

What is the cost to my organization?

There is no official program cost. CLA Get Ready Internships has the expectation that interns will be paid between $12-15/hour. Additionally, organizations will be asked to commit time for engagement with students during the fall semester career course. This engagement will take a variety of formats and employers will be able to select the opportunities of interest. This engagement serves as a way for students to explore opportunities, develop career skills and for organizations to connect with talent and promote your organizations.

Is there a specific timeline I need to follow?

Students will be enrolled in the preparation course during the fall semester. By mid-to late fall semester they will be ready to begin applying for opportunities. There will be an opportunity to participate in a coordinated interviewing event or organizations can choose to host interviews on their own. The program will allow for flexible timelines.

Students will be seeking internships that begin in the spring semester or the summer so organizations have the option of accessing students for either spring, summer or both depending on their needs.

Can the internship be part-time or full-time?

Students have the choice to pursue part-time internships in the spring, or full-time in the summer. CLA welcomes organizations to seek CLA Get Ready Internship students for whichever positions best fit their needs. Part time internships must be 10-15 hours a week or approximately 120 hours over the semester to meet CLA’s minimum standards.

Do the internships have to be in person?

Remote internships are an option. Remote internships can provide meaningful learning opportunities for students while advancing an organization’s mission and goals through creative solutions. Review this Remote Internships: Tips for Success resource sheet for an overview of best practices in offering remote internships. For remote internships, the cornerstones of a quality internship experience still hold true.

What is the selection process?

Organizations will be asked to post the internship opportunities on GoldPASS by a certain date of fall semester. Students will then search for and apply to the opportunities of most interest to them. There will be an optional interviewing event held on campus, and organizations are also welcome to conduct interviews on their own. Organizations will then make direct offers to the candidates they choose.


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