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Undecided on a major or career path? You’re not alone. Approximately 77% of incoming, first-year students at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities indicate feeling undecided about their major. Additionally, national research suggests that more than 50% of students who come to college decided on a major will change their mind at least once. It can be overwhelming to get started with exploring majors and careers because there are so many possibilities to consider, which is often a blessing and a curse—exciting and intimidating at the same time! We can help you sort things out, starting right at the beginning of your road to career readiness: the Explore phase of the CLA Career Management Model.

There are a lot of exploration strategies you can use to research and reflect on your options. You may want to explore options by major to get a sense of the career paths of alumni who studied different disciplines or explore options by career field to learn about common industries CLA graduates pursue, like nonprofit & advocacy, science & health, business, and more! 

To better understand yourself and how your skills, values, interests, and strengths fit into different academic and career choices, check out the variety of career assessments CLA Career Services offers. Another way to actively explore career options is to connect with employers through career fairs and other networking opportunities. 

If you are interested in exploring Pre-Health or Pre-Law options in CLA, check out these resources now to find out about career paths in these areas, graduate programs, and how to best prepare to enter these professions.

Check Out Our “Major & Career Exploration Tips” Handout

Looking for a concise, interactive guide on exploring majors and careers? Check out our Major & Career Exploration Tips handout.