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Faculty Seminar Opportunity from Studienforum Berlin on "Germany, Europe, and the Refugee Crisis"

January 24, 2017

An opportunity from Studienforum Berlin:

The pre-Christmas terrorist attack in Berlin has revived the discussion in Germany, Europe, and beyond about how to deal with both the real and the perceived consequences of international migration and how to respond appropriately,  politically, economically, socially, and culturally.

For the upcoming Summer Seminar geared to faculty and experts from American colleges and universities, Studienforum Berlin has created a framework to discuss the REFUGEE CRISIS in its various forms and the challenges facing the integration process.  The urgent need for this discussion has assumed additional, unexpected relevance,  as future actions of the new Administration in the United States already threaten to foster erratic and destabilizing developments in Africa and the Middle East.  Most likely, this development will bring additional refugee pressure to bear on Europe, and particularly, Germany.

Berlin, Germany’s capital, is the proper location to study the impact of migrant immigration, not least because Germany has a long history of dealing with refugees and immigrants, from Protestant Huguenots to Czarist Russians, from Germans fleeing the East after WWII to anti-Communist dissidents from the Soviet Bloc, and Turkish „guest“-workers. Berlin also has the distinction as a place where tens of thousands of migrants are being cared for, whose problems in a very short time have visibly strained a system meant to assimilate and integrate.

The Summer Seminar on the Refugee Crisis affords academics the opportunity to see and study, firsthand, the impact of the practical solutions offered by volunteers, state organizations, and non-governmental initiatives, to include religious institutions, representatives of the arts and business,  and the refugees themselves.  The extensive academic resources in Berlin, together with its vast cultural offerings, permit a multi-level, interdisciplinary analysis of these forces underway that are proving to be as contradictory as they are diverse.  Accordingly, the Seminar has been organized to allow for a comprehensive look at the refugee problem in its European and now global contexts and to provide stimulating and academically rich experiences that are difficult to find anywhere else.

The eleven-day seminar, runs from June 9 to June 19  and provides participants the opportunity to combine a topic-driven lecture series with visits to important historical and currently relevant sites in Berlin. For more information please consult our most recent program draft at

Interested academicians and scholars should visit the Seminar website at to obtain information about Seminar details, including exact dates and costs, as well as terms and conditions.

The (extended) application deadline is April 1, 2017.

Those intending to pursue specialized research or who are planning teaching development projects are encouraged to convey their plans to the Seminar organizers. In order to facilitate access to funding opportunities from home institutions,  invitations to participants to act as formal commentators is possible.