Badzin Fellowship Awarded to Sociology PhD student Jillian LaBranche!

Bernard and Fern Badzin Graduate Fellowship in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

We are pleased to announce that Jillian LaBranche, PhD student in the Department of Sociology, has been awarded the Bernard and Fern Badzin Graduate Fellowship in Holocaust and Genocide Studies for the 2020-2021 academic year.  The Badzin Fellowship has been awarded since 2009 to CLA doctoral students with dissertation projects relating to the Holocaust and/or genocide studies.  

Looking primarily at Sierra Leone and Rwanda, Jillian's dissertation will examine how the naming of large-scale political violence by the United Nations Security Council as a civil war or genocide affects the construction of national historical narratives, and how these narratives are disseminated to newer generations that did not witness the violence.  Jillian will spend next year refining her methodology and
collecting data: speaking with educators and parents, doing participant observation of educational spaces, and content analysis of state-sponsored curricula.

The mission of CHGS is to provide the critical foundation and analytical tools to understand and effectively address the causes, impacts, and legacies of the Holocaust, genocides, and incidents of mass violence.  We pursue our mission through educational programming, research support, and collaboration -- all of which are apparent in Jillian's project, and we are proud to support her good work.

Congratulations Jillian!

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