Digital Collections

The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies is home to a large digital collection of resources regarding the Holocaust and other genocides. The collections were created to give educators, scholars, students, and other interested individuals an access point to explore relevant resources. These collections include:

  • Poster with a small child with the caption,

    Armenian Genocide

    Containing media from the time of the Armenian genocide (1915-1920) and from the 1940’s, this collection includes relief posters, editorial cartoons, and Minnesota newspaper articles about the Armenian genocide.

  • Abstract drawing with stick figure pleading for help

    CHGS Exhibitions

    Find images, artists, and pieces that have been part of important CHGS exhibitions from the past, including Witness & Legacy, Absence/Presence, and Coexistence.

  • Painting featuring burning house and other people/animals on green background.

    Feinstein Art Museum

    Named for CHGS founding director Stephen Feinstein, with a vision to explore and to challenge viewers. This collection contains art representing a variety of responses to the Holocaust, other genocides, mass violence, refugees and migration.

  • Memorial made of gray rectangular tombs.

    Holocaust & Genocide Memorials

    Photographs and documents relating to memorials to the Holocaust, genocides, and related events, from many countries in Europe and elsewhere.

  • Letter, written in German, destined for Auschwitz.

    WWII Histories, Narratives, Artifacts, & Evidence

    Personal narratives, documents and other material relating to life during the Holocaust and WWII.

  • Headshot of man in plaid shirt.

    MN & the Holocaust: Survivors, Witnesses, Liberators

    Visual and oral testimony, documents, and photographs from survivors, liberators, and witnesses who made Minnesota their home.

  • Stamps from Grenada featuring a man in a suit.

    Numismatic & Philatelic

    Stamps, money, postcards, and commemorative covers relating to the Holocaust and WWII.

  • Abstract poster featuring green men with snake-like bodies.

    Visualizing Otherness: Racism & Antisemitism in Popular Media

    Images and artifacts that perpetuate stereotypes and racial beliefs which discriminate against targeted groups of people. Includes propaganda, toys, books, and other documents.