Traveling Exhibitions

Currently on View:
Displaced: Photos and Remembrances of Maxine Rude, 1945-1946
in the Eiger-Zaidenweber Holocaust Resource Center at the Sabes JCC

Our collections have been exhibited throughout the United States over our 20 year history. Sharing our art, artifacts, and visual testimony allows us to extend our impact beyond our campus and community.

We are seeking collaborations and venues to display our works. Contact us for more information at 612-624-9007 or by email

Current Collections Available for Rent or Loan

  • Portrait painting of man wearing blue shirt

    Felix de la Concha: Portraying Memories

    Contemporary artist, Felix De la Concha painted and recorded survivors of the Holocaust. While posing, his subjects talked about their lives and shared their testimonies.

  • Abstract painting of two men playing string instruments

    Fritz Hirschberger: The Sur-Rational Holocaust Paintings

    Fritz Hirschberger, a Holocaust survivor, invokes the religious art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and draws from texts, historical narratives, and testimony in developing the content of the paintings.

  • Abstract painting of man on horse

    Fritz Hirschberger: The Fifth Horsemen

    This series of oil paintings, beginning with imagery of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, continues the work begun in the Sur-Rational Holocaust series.

  • Cleveland Indians logo poster

    Oscar Arredondo: Welcome to Cleveland, Home of the...

    These works examine the stereotyping of Native Americans and other racial groups in sports mascots, specifically “Chief Wahoo,” the mascot for Major League Baseball's Cleveland Indians.

  • Photo of Greta Fischerova with group of orphan children

    Maxine Rude: Displaced

    Maxine Rude, a photographer for the U.S. Army and the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), photographs daily life in displaced persons camps established in Germany and Austria at the end of WWII.

  • Painting of large tree behind gate and fence

    Jordan Krimstein: Water Colors of Auschwitz

    This series of eight original works were painted for use in the 1994 short documentary film Choosing One’s Way in Auschwitz: Resistance in Auschwitz/Birkenau.

  • Abstract painting of two men, one living and one dead.

    Lucien Philippe Moretti: Lithographs

    This exhibition consists of a series of 13 numbered and signed lithographs created by Moretti. The lithographs are based on French Holocaust survivor Joseph Joffo’s 1973 memoir Un sac de Billes (A Bag of Marbles).