What is the Role of Yiddish in Holocaust Education?

March 4, 2021 - 6:00pm

What is the role of Yiddish in Holocaust education, and: what role does the Holocaust as an event play in Yiddish studies curricula today? Meyer Weinshel will provide some examples that speak to the challenges in answering both of these questions.

Meyer Weinshel is the CHGS Education Coordinator and a PhD candidate in Germanic studies, completing a dissertation on translations of German poetry into Yiddish before and after the Second World War. In addition to teaching German studies coursework at the University of Minnesota, he has also been active in Yiddish language pedagogy and revival. He helped pilot the Yiddish Book Center's new language textbook in Twin Cities, and he has also worked for the Yiddish Book Center's intensive summer language program for undergraduate students. This spring, Meyer will also be a lecturer in Yiddish Studies at The Ohio State University.

(Please note change from original date of 2/25/21)