Genocide Education Outreach (GEO) Program

Sending young scholars into the community to teach about the Holocaust, other genocides, and related issues directly affecting students and communities at large.
January 24, 2017

In January 2016, CHGS created the Genocide Education Outreach (GEO) Program, to both to improve CHGS’ service to the community and expand the training opportunities offered to UMN graduate students working on genocide-related topics.  

Topic Areas
Genocide of Native Americans / First Nations / Indiginous Peoples
Guatemala, Colombia, Cambodia, Bosnia, Kosovo, the Middle East, Armenia, modern Turkey
Political and legal us of the definition of genocide
Holocaust Memory, History, Art
Transatlantic Slavery

GEO connects interested community educational institutions (high schools, religious communities, human rights organizations, public libraries, community colleges) with qualified graduate students who can lead a guest lecture or workshop session on a topic that matches community needs. CHGS pairs graduate students with the community organizations based on area of specialization, facilitates session development, planning, material and logistical support.

GEO is free for the community, and graduate students are recognized for their contributions.

In GEO's first two years, CHGS paired eight schools and community organizations with seven graduate students and helped develop curricula for the Minneapolis Public School system. In 2017, GEO received the Public Sociology Award for reaching beyond the university to make positive change through learning and research.  

Past Presentation Titles
Kosovo, Rwanda, and Genocide Research Questions
Photojournalism and Genocide
Photography and Memory of the Holocaust
Defining Genocide and Responsibility in the Face of Mass Violence
Understanding Journeys and Identities: critical reading of the news and other media
What is Genocide? The development of the legal definition of genocide
Was the Holocaust Inevitable? An introduction to the lead-up to WWII
Twentieth Century African Genocides 

Please let us know if you:

  • are a graduate student interested in gaining outreach and teaching experience through GEO.
  • are an educator who would be interested in having one of our young scholars visit with your class in the 2018-2019 school year. We will pair you with a graduate student and help facilitate development and planning.  
  • wish to support this program.
Call: 612-624-6527