CHGS & CJS Hosted "Antisemitism and Racism in a Moment of Reckoning"

Image featuring artwork promoting the event from Voice to Vision and information about the event.

How do racism and antisemitism overlap and where do they diverge and why? The public debate in the US and Europe alongside the widespread initiatives that underpin the current moment of reckoning with the legacies and ramifications of racism have insufficiently captured the complex relation of Jews to White majority society and the pervasive nature of antisemitism. How have different scholars, activists, and educators engaged with this issue? What are constructive ways we can better deal with antisemitism in anti-racist scholarship and practice? How has antisemitism and the Jewish experience been included or excluded in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on US campuses?

Hosted by the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies and the Center for Jewish Studies. Co-sponsored by the History Department & the Religious Studies Program.

Part of the Seeking Racial Justice IGS Collaborative Series.

Monday Panel: Historical, Legal, and Theoretical Perspectives

November 8, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Tony Michels (History, UW Madison)

Joshua Shanes (Jewish Studies, College of Charleston)

Keith Kahn-Harris (Sociologist, Leo Baeck College, London)

Claudia Bruns (History and Cultural Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin)

Moderated by Jonathan Judaken (Spence L. Wilson Chair in Humanities at Rhodes College).

Tuesday Panel: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Work and Antisemitism on US Campuses

November 9, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Chair: Malinda Lindquist (UMN, History, CLA Associate Dean for Equity and Diversity)

Amna Khalid (History, Carleton College)

Jeffrey Aaron Snyder (Education, Carleton College)

Erin Darby (Religious Studies, University of Tennessee)

Natan Paradise (Associate Director, Center for Jewish Studies, University of Minnesota)



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