Community Engagement

Community engagement through coursework

Students in Community Engagement in the Chicano and Latino Community (CHIC 1275/3275) complete their engagement at our community partner sites:

  • Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School
  • El Colegio
  • Juventud Conectada

At times, we also place students in other selected K-12 sites here in the Twin Cities.

The second formal community engagement class offered in Chicano & Latino studies is Community Engagement in a Social Justice Framework (CHIC 4275). This upper-division class is best suited for students seeking to rigorously examine the theory and practices of service learning/community engagement and how privilege and power play out in these relationships.

In addition, our faculty and staff share culturally-specific or content-specific information and knowledge with site directors, parents, and staff by speaking at parent and staff development workshops and parent meetings.