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Once you are admitted into Chinese Flagship program, we ensure your progress in two ways:

A Study Plan with our Chinese Flagship Advisor

First, our advisor will help you develop a study plan that:

  • Fulfils your major's courses in your field of interest
  • Coordinates pre-Capstone preparation in a timely way
  • Includes study abroad and other components

Preparing You to Progress to the Capstone Year

Second, we will work with you to make sure your are ready to apply for your Capstone Year in China at the appropriate time in your college career. To apply for your Capstone Year, you must achieve at least Advanced-Low in reading, listening, and speaking, and you must also have a strong background in Chinese studies—both of which are required for you to progress to your Capstone year. 

Preparations include:

  • Fulfilling required Chinese language and culture courses
  • Attending tutoring sessions in Chinese and in your major of study
  • Completing the Chinese proficiency tests issued by American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)