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External funding opportunities:
Vist the Federal Student Aid website for
external grant and scholarship opportunities.

Flagship Scholarships

The federal Chinese Flagship program provides Flagship Scholarships to offset the study abroad portion of program costs for Flagship students. During your approved summer study and Capstone Year (overseas academic year), you will be eligible for these Flagship Scholarships. Email us for information about Flagship Scholarships.

Provost Flagship Scholarships

The University of Minnesota also provides university-based Provost Chinese Flagship Scholarships for Flagship students. You can receive these Provost scholarships to offset the costs of studying during overseas programs and during the academic year. These Provost scholarships are a unique benefit, only available at the University of Minnesota. Email us for information about Provost Scholarships.

Scholarships for Study Abroad: UMN Sources

Learning Abroad Center Scholarships ($750-$4500) Deadlines: mid-February for summer; September and April for academic year. See also which scholarships to apply for through the Learning Abroad Center.

Katherine E. Sullivan Scholarship ($25,000 for capstone year only) Deadline: early February 

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship [FLAS]  ($5,000+) Deadline: early February 

China Center Scholarships ($500-$1000) Deadlines: October for spring; March for summer; May for academic year

Carlson School of Management Need-Based Scholarship  Apply on or nearest to your program abroad application deadline.

Carlson Undergraduate Fellowships  Deadlines: October for winter and spring; February for summer; April for fall

College of Biological Sciences: CBS Study Abroad Scholarship (up to $3000) Deadline: October for spring; April for summer or fall

College of Liberal Arts: Global Studies Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship (up to $1500; must be a declared Global Studies major) Deadline: early April

CLA: Lawrence Scholarship in Experiential Learning ($2000, for capstone year internship; must be a declared AMES major or minor) Deadlines: February for spring, May for summer, September for fall

College of Design: Undergraduate Experience Abroad Scholarship (DHA majors only, $250-$1000)

College of Education and Human Development: Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship ($1000) Deadlines: October spring, February for summer; April for academic year

CEHD Alumni Society Study Abroad Scholarship ($2000) Deadline: mid January for any term

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences International Learning Grant ($600-$2400) Deadlines: October for spring; February for summer; April for Fall 

Scholarships for Study Abroad: External Sources

Flagship students are competitive applicants for these scholarships. Some application deadlines are 9-12 months before your overseas program start date.

Fulbright Scholarship (all expenses) Deadline:  early September

Boren Scholarship ($20,000 academic year, $10,000 one semester) Deadlines:  UMN campus mid-November; Boren early February

Critical Language Scholarship (all expenses; summer only) Deadline: mid-November

Fund for Education Abroad ($1250-$10,000) Deadline: January

Freeman-ASIA Award ($5,000-$10,000) Deadlines: mid-October for spring; early March for summer; early April for academic year

Gilman Scholarship (Must be Pell eligible; $3,000-$8,000) Deadlines: early October for spring and summer; early March for academic year