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Courses & Curriculum

Language Skills & Cultural Competence

In the Chinese Flagship program, we aim to build your Portfolio of Skills. In addition to helping you develop your Chinese language skills and cultural competence, we work closely with your major advisor to ensure that you will complete both your major study and the Chinese Flagship in a timely way.

Superior (ILR3) Level of Mandarin Chinese

After you have reached an advanced level of Chinese, we send you to one of the Overseas Chinese Flagship Centers in China to finish your Capstone Year of study. By the end of your Capstone Year, you will have developed Superior (ILR3 level) language skills in Mandarin Chinese and built a strong professional portfolio.

Plan Your Curriculum

Below you can view the year-by-year CFS curriculum. Please note that this is just a general plan. All the listed courses are required for completing the program, but not necessarily in this exact order. If you pursue Chinese study before entering your first year, you may be eligible to register in advanced Chinese classes. Depending on your situation, you can finish the program in a four-year plan.

General Chinese Flagship Curriculum:

Year 1: Pre-Flagship Year

  • Beginning Modern Chinese I (CHN 1011)
  • Beginning Modern Chinese II (CHN 1012)
  • Accelerated Beginning Modern Chinese (CHN 1015) - taken in fall semester

Year 2: Apply to Flagship Year

  • Intermediate Modern Chinese I (CHN 3021)
  • Intermediate Modern Chinese II (CHN 3022)
  • Accelerated Intermediate Modern Chinese (CHN 3016) - taken in spring semester
Year 2 Summer: Study Abroad
  • Language Immersion in China (same program as CET Beijing)—a Flagship-recognized program
  • Advanced Modern Chinese I (CHN 3031)
  • Advanced Modern Chinese II (CHN 3032)

Years 3-4: Flagship Years

(These courses do not need to be taken in this order.)

  • Fourth-level Chinese I (CHN 4041)
  • Fourth-level Chinese II (CHN 4042)
  • Revolution and Modernity in Chinese Literature and Culture (ALL 3336)
  • Chinese Literature and Popular Culture Today (ALL 3337)
  • Literary Chinese I (CHN 5211)
  • Literary Chinese II (CHN 5212)
  • Fifth Level Chinese (CHN 5040) - two semesters
Years 3-4 Summers: Options to Study Abroad

Year 5: Capstone Year