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Summer Abroad Programs

Summer abroad programs play a critical role in your Chinese Flagship training and prepare you for Capstone Year studies in China.

Language Immersion in China
Study Chinese at Beijing's Capital Normal University in this study abroad program and experience full-time language immersion for 8 weeks.

Your First Summer

The first summer after you are admitted into the Flagship program, you will study in Beijing in the Language Immersion in China program for eight weeks. In this study abroad program, you will live with a Chinese roommate and abide by the language pledge, a formal commitment to speak, listen, and write only in Mandarin Chinese. Your summer study abroad will be sponsored through the University of Minnesota, the Chinese Flagship program, and CET Academic Programs.

Your Optional Second Summer

Study Abroad Options

During your second summer, you have a choice between two optional programs. Depending on your career interests, you can choose to complete the CET Beijing Summer Internship in Beijing. 

Or you can enroll in intensive advanced Chinese classes at the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) at the National Taiwan University in Taipei. The International Chinese Language Program is well known for offering rigorous advanced language training for various professions. You may also pursue fourth-year Chinese advanced language studies in CET's Harbin Summer Program at Harbin Institute of Technology.