We’re unique; CLAgency is the only agency of its kind in the state. Our team of undergraduate students has a passion for pursuing and promoting a liberal arts education, and we are guided by some of the best communication and marketing professionals in the Twin Cities. We represent a broad range of majors, interests, and backgrounds—and it shows in our work. We’ve got some great-big-new ideas and the creativity, expertise, and passion to bring them to life.

We represent the very best of the liberal arts, and we showcase stories about our students, faculty, and the good work of our college. We also provide marketing and communications support for nonprofit and corporate clients in the greater Twin Cities area.

Our Vision 

CLAgency is the leading student-run agency. Based in Minneapolis, we demonstrate a model for how young professionals can provide marketing strategies for a panel of clients. Through our innovative ideas, we aim to support our keystone client, the College of Liberal Arts, by establishing the college as a destination college and instilling pride in a liberal arts education. In addition to CLA, our agency continues to push the limits, working with non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses and a vast array of clientele. The world isn’t static, and neither are we. We are breaking the mold, getting creative and shattering expectations of what our agency can become. 

Our Purpose 

By using our fresh perspective, we provide innovative marketing solutions to our clients’ communication needs. We fundamentally seek to support our primary client, the College of Liberal Arts, while simultaneously bringing in new work from outside sources. We are go-getters, strategists and innovators. We expect greatness and hold ourselves to that standard. We are CLAgency. 

For students, we provide:

  • Paid, real-world experience
    CLAgency is a space where students can learn and practice communications competencies and tactics that will prepare them for success in the classroom and in their future careers. Our students work independently through their department assignments, collaboratively on CLAgency project teams, and can advance through CLAgency’s leadership structure.

  • Networking and mentorship opportunities with marketing professionals
    By organizing and inviting guest speakers, conducting professional development workshops, and meeting with members of our board of advocates, students gain personal connections and learn directly from highly-qualified professionals.