Our team can write content for any setting, and these blogs display our more creative side. Here, we hope to spark laughter, inspire ideas, reflect on our past, present and futures as young professionals, and facilitate learning something new, no matter how small.


Halloween Favorites

Whether you’re binge-watching classic horror films or opting for tamer options, Halloween is a holiday that everyone can enjoy. Content Creator Cate Tynjala talks about some of her favorite ways to enjoy this spooky time.
Sunset graphic

New Horizons

Account Director Sawyer Boyles talks growth and innovation as CLAgency marks its fifth year in business. On campus and across the state, CLAgency is shattering expectations one semester at a time.
The words "I'm Here and I'm Queer" in front of a rainbow pride flag

I'm Here, and I'm Queer

"The confident, queer individual I am today can’t really believe that I was once an insecure, guilty, closeted homosexual three years ago.” Strategy Director Cole Sterr spills the tea on his unusual coming out experience and the effects its had on how he views his own identity, privilege, and relationship.
Foggy Lake and mountains


Escaping the stress of city life is a daunting task, and we don’t usually realize how much we need a break from our fast-paced lives. Content Creator Cate Tynjala wrote a short story about the healing power of nature, spontaneous trips, and letting go.