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Art History

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Portrait of Ashley Cope.

Museum Momentum: Fusing Intersectional Feminism and Art History

Attracted by the Department of Art History and the amount of opportunities to work in museums, Ashley Cope transferred to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Double majoring in gender women sexuality studies and art history, Cope is combining her passions to explore intersectionality within art history and how they influence one another and engage the community.
Nikki Otten posing for a picture

Searching for The Unseen: How Research and Curatorial Work Come Together

PhD candidate Nikki Otten studies nineteenth-century French printmaking, a medium that offers a window into a society marked by emerging technologies and by the ideas that flow from new inventions. She examines how artists “used images from the microscope to think about other things that scared them, like changes in society,” including shifts in the role of religion, the spread of feminism, and ideas about mental illness.
Catherine Asher sitting in front of bookcases

Trailblazing a New Discipline

Professor Catherine Asher is one of the first scholars to study the Islamic influence in South Asian art and architecture. Asher has spent nearly four decades performing extensive travels around northern India and across the world conducting research. She retired this May and, just as with her research trips, she is kept herself busy until the end.
Photograph of the Weisman Art Museum

Beautiful Complexity

Undergraduate student Lorri Todd was challenged with the task of analyzing artist Yasumasa Morimura’s Ambiguous Beauty, an object that had not previously received scholarly analysis. Todd tackled her senior project with impressive motivation and was awarded the department’s senior project prize, but the process wasn’t always easy.
Photograph of professor Michael Gaudio

Art and Science in the Netherlands: A Global Seminar

“Disciplinary divisions are very modern,” says Professor Michael Gaudio. He and colleague J.B. Shank have changed the landscape of graduate seminars by introducing a collaborative, cross-cultural seminar to graduate students at the University of Minnesota and in Utrecht, Netherlands. Through travel and collaboration, they challenge students to transcend the boundaries of academic discipline and culture.