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Canvas Health is a non-profit organization improving the lives of Minnesotans in the areas of mental health, chemical health, and domestic and sexual abuse. Canvas Health wanted to increase the number of people attending their organization’s summer fundraising events, Stomp Out Suicide and Golf Classic. Additionally, the organization was hoping to create strong relations with local bars and restaurants to encourage their participation in the Safe Bars initiative


We created 3 unique, tailored marketing strategies for each event Canvas wanted us to promote. Following the creation of these strategies, we headed communications with various local businesses and organizations to connect them with our client and build stronger community relations. 


CLAgency was able to organize a list of community partners and businesses that would be of help and service to the Safe Bars initiative. We compiled this information into 3 separate briefs that our client was able to utilize in the promotion of their initiatives. 


We opened the door for better connections and possibilities for our client to improve the promotion of their events in the future. We were able to assemble a comprehensive compilation of contact information and networks that Canvas Health can utilize going forward. Canvas Health gain4e better recognition on the University of Minnesota campus and beyond.