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Minnesota Oral Health Care Project


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Minnesota Oral Health Project is a non-profit cavity-prevention program for all eighty counties in Greater Minnesota. Their goal is to improve oral health care in high-risk children starting as early as birth. In order to accomplish this, the organization works towards training and educating medical and dental providers about caries prevention, which is the process that leads to cavities. Lastly, they also reach out to caretakers to ensure that they are helping their children get into healthy dental practices.


In an effort to build awareness around Minnesota Oral Health’s initiative, we worked closely with the organization to develop and create video content for the organization. This content was shared on their social media in order to raise awareness about the organization itself and the importance of preventing cavities.


We interviewed and created a video of Amos Deinard, the founder of the Minnesota Oral Health Project, in which he discussed how and why he created the organization. Additionally, we created shorter videos about the importance of dental care for social media use. Lastly, we helped edit and put together a dental care training video and caretaker slideshow to be used at clinics to help train dental care providers and inform caretakers about the importance of brushing their child’s teeth. 


Through close collaboration and communication with both the organization and team members on CLAgency, we were able to provide video content to improve Minnesota Oral Health Project's social media presence, pushing their following to 1 like a day. Through our training video and slideshow, we were able to better inform clinics and caretakers on various cavity prevention methods.