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ServeMinnesota is the state’s AmeriCorps program which encompasses 16 service organizations. Working within local schools, nonprofits, and other community organizations at more than 1,200 sites, ServeMinnesota solves critical problems that hinder educational achievement, economic opportunity, and environmental protection efforts throughout the state.

ServeMinnesota was looking for a partner to boost their social media presence and revamp their marketing to recruit millennials to become AmeriCorps members.


To gain an understanding of how best to improve recruitment and marketing tactics for ServeMinnesota, we analyzed current footprints in the social media landscape while simultaneously orchestrating focus groups made up of millennial participants. Using information gathered from our media analysis and focus groups, we were able to develop a detailed brand recommendation for ServeMinnesota that stretched across multiple media platforms.


Using the brand recommendation, we worked closely with ServeMinnesota to create recruitment tools for career and job fairs, build up their social media, and reframe discussions about the idea of “service.” In addition to these things, we developed marketing tactics for large-scale events, created brand identities for specific programs, and developed a targeted method for connecting with college students.


Facebook: 91 likes, average engagement 200, average reach 500
Instagram: 211 followers, average reach 200, average impressions 400
Twitter: 422, average impressions 4,000, profile visits 300