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Board of Advocates

We are always looking to engage with the Twin Cities community.

We currently have 21 members on our Board of Advocates (BOA) who bring their inspiration, credibility, and mentorship straight to our employees. We have representation from companies such as Fast Horse, 3M, Weber Shandwick, and Preston Kelly. BOA members serve as mentors for CLAgency, offer advice about projects we are working on, and make connections within the Twin Cities. 

We meet with our BOA three times a year to discuss work we have done, to brainstorm areas where we can improve, and to give content creators the chance to ask questions and network.

Not pictured: 

  • Robert Brittain - Communications Manager, Corporate Marketing at 3M. LinkedIn
  • Natalie Bigley - Development Officer at the College of Liberal Arts, UMN. LinkedIn
  • Jay Coughlan - Executive Coach at TruBalanced. LinkedIn
  • Mark Morse - CEO & Chief Creative Officer at Morsekode. LinkedIn
  • Catherine Smalley - Account Supervisor at JT Mega. LinkedIn
  • Ann Aronson

    Ann Aronson

    Chief Marketing Officer, University of Minnesota


  • Jordyn DiOrio

    Jordyn DiOrio

    Founder & CEO, MEND Jewelry 


  • Jim du Bois

    Jim du Bois

    President/ CEO, Minnesota Broadcasters Association 


  • Portrait of Victoria Hoshal

    Victoria Hoshal

    Independent Marketing Consultant, Victoria Hoshal LLC 


  • Chuck Kelly

    Chuck Kelly

    CEO, Preston Kelly 


  • Scott Litman

    Scott Litman

    Managing Partner, Equals 3 LLC


  • Eric Pehle

    Eric Pehle

    Executive Vice President, Weber Shandwick - Minneapolis


  • Jorg Pierach

    Jorg Pierach

    Founder & Creative Director, Fast Horse, Inc


  • Bob Rumpza

    Bob Rumpza

    Founder, Rumpza Consulting 


  • Brenna Siervert

    Brenna Sievert

    Communications Coordinator, 3M


  • Robert Skoro

    Robert Skoro

    Principle Researcher & Strategist, The Social Process


  • Jack Swift

    Jack Swift

    Marketing Administrator, Beyond Impact 


  • Chuck Tombarge

    Chuck Tombarge

    Chief Public Relations Officer & Deputy Chief of Staff to the President, University of Minnesota 


  • Meshach Weber

    Meshach Weber

    Founder/ President & Chief, Digital Strategist, Firebrand Digital 


  • Chris Werle

    Chris Werle

    President, Werle Consulting 


  • Amelious N. White, Jr.

    Amelious N. Whyte, Jr.

    Director, Public Engagement, University of Minnesota