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Five Must-See Netflix Shows

April 9, 2019

With spring break right around the corner and piles of snow that won’t be disappearing anytime soon, it’s a perfect time to bundle up and catch up on Netflix. There’s a wide variety of options for your viewing pleasure, so why don’t I narrow it down a bit? 

Here are five shows and movies that are worth a watch over your next break (or whenever you want to procrastinate). 

Black Mirror 

If you haven’t seen Black Mirror, now is your chance. This British science fiction series examines and highlights the relationship between modern society and digital technology and their subsequent consequences. Following the inspiration of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror shows audiences how we live now and the way we may be living in the near future. From overprotective parenting to young lovers to criminals, no one is safe from the grasp of technological development.


If you’re a fan of “love”, crime, and psychological horror, then You is the perfect binge-worthy show for you. It follows Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager, who finds himself love-struck after a brief interaction with an aspiring writer. His interest quickly turns into an obsession as he begins tracking her every move via social media. He will stop at nothing to become a part of her life and will do anything to remove the obstacles in his way.

It will leave you feeling happy you’re single or relieved that your special someone isn’t a psychopath. 

Make Happy / Kid Gorgeous at Radio City 

Okay, creepy stalkers may not be your thing. But if you’re a fan of comedy and awkward, middle-aged, white men, then I have two Netflix specials for you. 

Bo Burnham’s Make Happy combines self-deprecating humor with an original musical score and choreography—all while sharing his perspective on life. With songs titled “Lower Your Expectations (If You Want Love),” “Straight White Man,” and “Are You Happy?” you’re in for a roller coaster of a show. 

In Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, John Mulaney shares embarrassing stories from his youth and his time as an SNL writer. Being only 36 years old doesn’t stop him from lamenting his age and the value of college through this hour long performance.  

Grab some popcorn and sit back for a few laughs (or at least half-enthusiastic chuckles). 

Incredibles 2 

After fourteen years, the sequel many of us waited for has been made available on Netflix. A super-powered family attempts to restore the world’s trust in superheroes while managing the woes of puberty, work-life balance, and caring for an infant. If you love Pixar, superheroes, or just good old family-friendly content, this animated film will keep you fully immersed for its two-hour run-time. 

The Great British Baking Show

Want to expand your baking knowledge? Maybe drool over delicious creations? Or simply want wholesome words of encouragement? Well, this show has it all. Each season follows a group of amateur bakers who compete against each other through rounds and challenges that put their baking skills to the test. With the perfect blend of great British accents and four variations (Original, The Beginnings, Holidays, and Masterclass), there is no shortage of content for your hungry eyes.