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Working Toward Your Dream Job

February 28, 2019

“It’s Dylan and I, not Dylan and me.” We all have those friends who are labeled as the “grammar police” because they jump to correct you if you misspeak. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m that friend. It’s not like I want to point out that you’re wrong, I just can’t let that grammatical error hang in the air; it would be a disservice to the English language. I have always had an insatiable desire to work closely with the written language. This passion is what spurs the sudden outburst of “it’s ‘you’re’ not ‘your’” following a friend’s text. I have a knack for detecting those grammatical and mechanical errors, and frankly, I enjoy editing various works with the purpose of making those pieces as good as they can be. I aspire to work in a publishing house as an editor, and I am using the various resources the U has to offer to help me get there.

Going Clubbing

One thing that I love about the U is the plethora of student clubs it has. There is no limit to what you can try; odds are, if you’re interested in it, there is a student group for it. The first group I joined was The Wake, a biweekly, student-run magazine. It is filled with articles that are produced by students for students. I started off as an intern for the reviews section my freshman year and moved my way up to now being a copyeditor.

After spotting a colorful panel on the bridge advertising for The Tower, I knew I had to find out more. I talked to my advisor, contacted the professor with my cover letter, and gained access to the class. I was delighted to see that our conversations and readings would be riddled with discussions of the inner workings of a publishing house and what to expect as an editor. I wanted to take full advantage of all this class had to offer; I ambitiously applied for and obtained the roles of managing editor, copyeditor, and fiction editor, and I thoroughly enjoy all the responsibilities that I have.

Nerd alert: I joined a book club! The University Book Club meets once a month, so I have plenty of time to read the selected book while keeping up with my studies and other extracurriculars. In addition to keeping my imagination active, this club allows me to analyze what the best writing methods are that engage an audience and what kinds of topics and genres are most appealing.

Lastly, I joined the Minnesota Undergraduate Research and Academic Journal as a volunteer editor. While I love editing for both The Wake and The Tower, I thought I should get more exposure to editing academic pieces. This group has been extremely helpful in teaching me the best way to edit with a professional lens, so the writing best captures the tone of an educational journal.

Finding the Job for U

The two previous jobs I had prior to CLAgency were enjoyable, but neither applied to what I was pursuing to do in the future. After talking to one of my classmates in The Tower, I found out about CLAgency and applied right away. As a content creator for the art history department, I have the privilege of interviewing students, faculty, and alumni of the department and writing full-length feature stories on their academic and professional success. On top of it all, I get to work with a really cool team of people.

I hope that all of these activities and experiences will further bolster my resume and make me more marketable to publishing houses who are looking to hire. I love living in Minneapolis because it is a hub for smaller, more local publishing houses, so I am constantly on the lookout for internships that could prepare me for working at Penguin Random House in the future.

Gopher It

Most students only spend four years during their undergraduate career, so it’s important to spend that time discovering what makes you buzz with excitement. Get out of your comfort zone, and try something new! Take advantage of all the U has to offer, and you’ll be one step closer to obtaining your dream job.