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Office of Institutional Advancement

CLAgency is an integral part of the communication team of the College of Liberal Arts’ Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA). It was founded in September 2014 by OIA’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Meyer.

OIA supports the College's vision of becoming a destination college by building the case the for the College of Liberal Arts, engaging our community, proving our case, increasing the number of advocates supporting the college, and expanding the investor base.
The approach is to be focused, purposeful, collaborative, and resourceful in achieving results for the College, yet nimble enough to respond to the urgent needs of a vibrant and changing academic environment.

Content creators (CCs) are assigned to an academic department in CLA. CCs partner with professional communications staff in OIA to shape marketing and communications strategies for their departments. OIA staff guide the communications services CCs provide for their department and serve as senior editors for the CC's feature writing.

In addition to overseeing departmental support, OIA assists CLAgency with making connections beyond campus. OIA hosts the Board of Advocates and connects CLAgency with external clients.

  • Tessa Eagan

    Tessa Eagan

    Executive Editor

  • Amanda Haugen

    Amanda Haugen

    Senior Editor, Humanities 

  • Scott Meyer

    Scott Meyer

    Founder, Chief Marketing Officer 

  • Colleen Ware

    Colleen Ware

    Senior Editor, Social Sciences