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Portrait of Jeffrey Cross.

Solving the Puzzle of Language

PhD candidate Jeffrey Cross has found a wealth of opportunity while studying with the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies. From winning the Jeremias Prize to conducting research abroad, Cross speaks on the formative experiences he has received from CNES as well as how liberal arts students can benefit from biblical studies.
Headshot of Patricia Ahearne-Kroll

Ancient Identities in Today's World

How can studying ancient religions give us insight into how humans understand their identities today? By studying ancient texts written by Jewish people living outside of Jerusalem, Patricia Ahearne-Kroll’s research strives to challenge the way we think about reconstructed texts and the relevance of ancient studies today in terms of understanding identity.
A seated graduate student instructs a child and an undergraduate with classical texts displayed on the wall.

On Purpose: Portrait of Classical & Near Eastern Studies

Humanity likes to keep records. We have written notes to ourselves for thousands of years, preserving everything from tax receipts and official speeches to narratives of war and songs of praise. Any medium could be pressed into service: clay tablets; papyrus rolls, broken potsherds, or wax tablets; parchment codices and printed books. Most recently, we have reverted to scroll and tablet with digital media.

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