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The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures offers two graduate programs: an MA and a PhD. Within the master's program, students may choose from a sub-plan in religions in antiquity and classics. Within the PhD in Religions in Antiquity, students may choose to focus on Area A (Ancient Near East and Hebrew Bible) or Area B (Greek and Roman Religions, Formative Judaism, Early Christianity).

Although most students emphasize one of these areas, we view Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures as an integrated and coherent discipline. CNRC graduate students are strongly encouraged to adopt a broad interdisciplinary approach by taking courses and serving as teaching and research assistants across the entire range of the department’s offerings.

Our programs emphasize skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, analysis, and research. Students emerge from our program with an enhanced vocabulary, effective communication skills, and extensive knowledge of the history of these ancient classical cultures. Our graduates hold a variety of positions in post-secondary education and research.

CNRC welcomes diversity in all its forms (gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, economic background, geographic origin, and religion) and works to reflect it in our faculty, staff, and student body. We think this diversity is a strength and crucial to the study of the ancient world. In our study of the ancient world, we do not privilege one religion over another but work to understand the full scope of religious and cultural activity across the centuries of the Ancient Mediterranean world.