BA in Biblical Studies

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The biblical studies major is centered on the study of ancient Mediterranean religious thought and practice, extending from the 2nd millennium BCE into Late Antiquity, encompassing the Hebrew Bible and its ancient Near Eastern contexts, Greco-Roman polytheism, and the classical contexts in which rabbinic Judaism and Christianity developed.

The major is rooted in ancient texts; it concentrates on the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and related texts by studying them in the ancient languages and by situating them in their broad historical, intellectual, and religious contexts. This interdisciplinary program covers a diverse range of religious traditions, focusing on pivotal cultural encounters and interchanges in the ancient world. Students also have an exceptional opportunity to explore the vital relationships between past and present as they examine the ancient origins of modern religions. Students in this program gain a solid grounding in at least one relevant ancient language (Greek, Hebrew) and also study different methods of textual interpretation, both ancient and modern.