Minors in CNRC

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The Director of Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Religions and Cultures offers minors in the following areas:

Biblical Studies

The academic study of the Bible is an extraordinarily broad interdisciplinary field. Research in the field can involve many disciplines, including a number of ancient and modern languages, archaeology, history, various social sciences (including comparative religion), and literary studies. Biblical studies focuses on the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament in terms of their formation, cultural settings, and the history of their interpretation. This minor lets students who might not have the linguistic foundation to read the biblical texts in their original languages pursue more advanced biblical studies. 
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Classical Civilization

This interdisciplinary program encompasses the study of Greek and Roman cultures and their influence on Western civilization. It encourages study of related or parallel cultures, such as those of Islam and the Indian subcontinent.
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Our Greek minor allows students who have satisfied the language requirement in Greek to read ancient authors and to expand their knowledge of ancient civilization.
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Students who have satisfied the second language requirement in Hebrew are invited to pursue a minor in Hebrew, Students will read sources of antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the modern period to add to their knowledge of Hebrew civilization and culture. For more information, please contact Renana Schneller, our Hebrew language coordinator.
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The minor program permits those who have satisfied the Latin language requirement to read Latin authors of antiquity and the Middle Ages and to add to their knowledge of Roman and medieval civilization.
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Religious Studies

Students may also be interested in a minor in religious studies, which is administered through the Program in Religious Studies.
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