Messages for Dr. Catherine Squires' Retirement

Share memories, stories, and well-wishes with Dr. Squires
Portrait: Catherine Squires
Catherine Squires
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Dr. Catherine Squires, associate dean for faculty & research at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and professor of communication studies, has decided to retire from the University of Minnesota. The Department of Communication Studies would like to invite current graduate students, alumni, and faculty members to share their memories, stories, and well-wishes with Dr. Squires. We would like to create a video montage along with a photo book to present to her during the department lunch held in her honor.

We have created a link for you to submit your short clip (less than 1 min), pictures, or comments. We will be placing them into the montage or the photo book. 

Submit a video clip

Please submit your short clip (less than 1 minute) directly on the Tribute site. When you click record, you’ll see two prompts (What is your favorite memory with Dr. Catherine Squires? What do you appreciate the most about Dr. Catherine Squires?) Please pick a prompt to answer or feel free to share anything else with Dr. Squires in the video.

Submit a photo or message

Please submit your comments and photos through our form.

The deadline for submissions is August 20, 2022.

Feel free to share this information with others who may wish to share a message with Dr. Squires.

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