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Letter from the Chair

Updates from the Department of Communication Studies
December 27, 2016

Dear friends,

As we begin a new calendar year, we wanted to take this time to celebrate our many accomplishments.

New Books

A number of our former graduate students and current faculty recently published books in 2016:

  • Heather Ashley  Hayes (2016).  Violent subjects and rhetorical cartography in the age of the terror wars. Palgrave Macmillan UK. (Alumna)

  • Melody Hoffmann (2016).  Bike lanes are white lanes: Bicycle advocacy and urban planning.  U of Nebraska Press (Alumna)

  • Casey Kelly (2016). Abstinence cinema: Virginity and the rhetoric of sexual purity in contemporary film.  Rutgers UP (Alumnus)

  • Anthony Nadler (2016). Making the news popular: Mobilizing U.S. news audience. U of Illinois Press (Alumnus).

  • Laurie Ouellette (2016). Lifestyle TV. Routledge (Faculty)

  • Mark Pedelty (2016). A song to save the Salish Sea: Musical performance as environmental activism. Indiana UP (Faculty).

  • Catherine Squires, (Ed.) (2016).  Dangerous discourses: Feminism, gun violence and civic life. Peter Lang (Faculty)


NCA Awards in Philadelphia

  • Edward Schiappa, Peter B. Gregg, and Dean E. Hewes won the Charles H. Woolbert  Research Award for their essay “The Parasocial Contact Hypothesis.” Communication Monographs 72 (1), (2005): 92-115.  The award is given to a journal article or book chapter that has stood the test of time and has become a stimulus for new conceptualizations of communication phenomena.

  • Dean E. Hewes is also the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Small Groups Division of the National Communication Association

  • Paula S. Tompkins (Ph.D. 1987) and professor of communication studies at St. Cloud State University received the 2016 top journal article award from the NCA Communication Ethics Division for “Acknowledgement, Justice, and Communication Ethics”, Review of Communication 15 (3), (2105): 240-257.


University of Minnesota Awards

  • Mark Pedelty was awarded a Grand Challenges Exploratory Research Grant Award. His team will be concerned with “Charting a Path for Midwest Agriculture Through Scenario-Based Foresight.” Mark also was awarded an Imagine Grant as well as a Cynthia Krieg Grant for his work on the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance.

  • Catherine Squires was awarded Grand Challenges Exploratory Research Grant Award.  Her team will be working on the “Art of Healing: Embodied Storytelling as Resistance and Praxis.” She was also awarded the Joan Aldous Innovation Grant from CLA to experiment with projects and initiatives that promote the CLA’s Roadmap. Catherine will be a featured presenter at A Brighter U, CLA's signature alumni event, on February 18 -- we hope you can attend to learn more about her work.

  • Wes Hansen (doctoral candidate in relational communication) won an MSA-COGS Teaching Award.


Department of Communication Studies Awards

Luke Youngvorst (relational communication graduate student) and Svilen Trifonov (doctoral candidate in rhetorical studies) have been added to the roll of our Graduate Student Scholar Award


Memory Eternal

Bill Henderson (Ph.D. 1975) associate professor emeritus in the University of Northern Iowa Department of Communication Studies, died after a short illness on Sunday morning, October 2, 2016, at the age of 83.  In 1983, Henderson was inducted into the National Forensic League Hall of Fame and in 1995 he received the National Individual Events Tournament's Distinguished Service Award.  He also received Outstanding Coach Awards from Emory University and the University of Utah.


Ron Greene
Chair, Department of Communication Studies