Employer Video Library

A virtual “information session” is an easy way to share key information about organizational culture and opportunities. These brief videos offer insights to help students explore possible career paths, assess an organization’s culture, and identify next steps in connecting with opportunities of interest.


    Best Practices for Creating Videos

    • Less is more! Try for 3 - 10 minutes in length
    • No need to be professionally created
    • Use this as an opportunity to highlight “evergreen” information such as:
      • An overview of your organization — what do you do?
      • Your organization’s culture — How are employees supported (i.e. affinity groups, benefits)? What does a typical workday look like? What kinds of “perks” does your organization offer (i.e. vacation time, paid volunteering/community service opportunities, office ping pong tournaments, etc.)?
      • How you promote inclusivity so all employees can succeed.
      • The types of positions your organization generally hires students/recent grads into — keeping this general (i.e. not sharing current deadlines or one-off opportunities) will keep your video accurate and relevant for students longer.
      • Next steps — how can candidates learn more, connect on LinkedIn, apply for opportunities, reach out to recruiters by email, etc.?
    • Share the original file (.mp4, .mov) with our team, and we’ll post to the gallery. (Note, we are not able to share links from other websites.)