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CLA Time Past, Time Present, Time Future

150th Anniversary Faculty Celebration
October 11, 2018 - 10:00am to October 12, 2018 - 5:00pm

Laurie Ouellette's panel, The Visibility of Gender, New Designs of Invisibilities, will be held at Wilson Library, in the Collaboration Studio. Timothy Brennan's panel, Looking Forward: CLA in 2068, will be held at McNamara Alumni Center. 

The Visibility of Gender, New Designs of Invisibilities will feature Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature's deptartment chair, professor Laurie Ouellette, as she delivers her presentation, Represent Yourself? Gender and the Contradictions of Media Visbility, as part of CLA's 150th Anniversary Faculty Celebration. This is one of several presentations that will address the centrality of gender, aesthetically and politically, in the design of new knowledges in the academy and in the communities. The discussion will include the visibility of gender as well as the battles of vision that challenge dominant understandings of gender.

The closing session, Looking Forward: CLA in 2068, features Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature's professor Timothy Brennan as a panelist. The panel will explore 'what is the current state of the liberal arts in the modern research university? What challenges does the CLA face in the next ten years? How could liberal arts be conceived and studied fifty years from now?'