PDFs & Google Docs

Uploading a PDF

CLA is moving away from uploading PDF files, as they are difficult to edit and change. Instead, consider creating a Google Drive folder for your documents. These can then be easily linked onto a page, and the documents can be edited by you and your staff any time.

Linking to a Google Document

  1. Upload a document into Google Drive. Be sure to place the document in its own folder. It is also recommended to set the document owner to a Departmental Account (read Departmental Email for more info).

  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the file, click the blue Share button.

  3. Click Get Shareable Link. Make sure to switch the setting to “Anyone with the link can view.”


4. Copy the link.

5. In the text box, type the text you would like to contain the link.

6. Highlight text.

Press the Link to content button.

8. Enter the copied link/URL of the Google Doc into the Link URL field and then hit Insert Link.