Uploading an Image

To upload a feature image for an article:

  1. Create a new article type.

  2. Scroll until you see “Feature Image.” Hit the Browse button for options.

  3. You have the option to either upload a new file, search the UMN library, or search UMN my files.

Upload a new file

Before uploading an image to Drupal, please make sure your image is under 2MB and fits the dimensions required (1300 x 510 for heroes, 870 x 580px for both feature and teaser images). Note: the crop for feature images can be edited in Drupal. If the image dimensions are larger than required, Drupal will automatically size the image accordingly.

  1. Hit the Browse button and find the image you would like to upload from your computer. Select Upload. If the dimensions of your image are too small, you will be unable to upload the image.

  2. Hit Next. You will now be brought to a screen with several fields to fill out.

    1. Name

      1. To ensure searchability and accessibility, please name your image with as many descriptors as possible. For example, instead of naming an image “img_2907”, append the file name “erika_lee_history_2907.jpg” or “ted_mann_music_5007.jpg” —keeping the original file number.

    2. Alt text

      1. This should be a short description of the image that is used by screen readers for users with disabilities. Do NOT overlook this section! Try to be as descriptive as possible: instead of saying “picture of professor”, say “headshot of Professor Charles Baxter against a stone wall.”

You do not need to fill out the title text, description, tags, or source.

Caption can be used for feature images or inline images.

  1. Tag the primary unit as your unit.

  2. Hit Save.

Changing a Teaser or Feature Image

Never choose "Edit" — instead, "Remove" the image and either upload a new file or choose an existing one from the UMN Library or UMN My Files.

Creating an Image in a Sidebar

  1. Upload the desired image in Drupal

  2. In the “Media Browser” select display as small

  3. In the “Media Browser” select alignment left

  4. Click submit

  5. Select the whole image, and under Styles select “Panel Sidebar Right”

  6. Copy & paste, or type any text you would like in the sidebar as well


UMN Library

If you don’t have an image that is useable, consider browsing the UMN Library, which is a collection of images already uploaded by CLA Drupal users. You can search by file name, type, and unit.

Note: it’s important when uploading your own image to title your image with keywords that can then show up in this search, such as “students” or “sociology”, as well as a specific person’s name.

To upload images to be used on a site (hero, feature, and teaser images):

Please email webhelp@umn.edu so we can assist you. CLA has a consistent style and brand to maintain, which requires the webteam to approve any image changes on a site or site page. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

Never upload an image or file twice.

Never upload an image that you know is already in Drupal--just select that image by file name from the library

Never rename an image before you upload it. You may amend the name by adding extra info--like your dept abbreviation or pixel dimensions. Renaming an image makes it impossible to search for it based on its original and unique name.

Search for images by image name, tags or unit.