1. When you are logged in, click My Workbench under the Menu tab. Then, click the tab Create Content on the righthand menu.

  2. Select Article.

  3. Enter a headline (make it brief, as this becomes part of the URL), the body, and a required teaser (appears below the headline in the news feed).

  4. Upload a feature image that is 870 x 580 px (but croppable at top and bottom. See the pattern library for feature specs. Remember to include alt text, which describes the image to someone who cannot see it.)

  5. Skip teaser image because the feature image will also be the teaser.

  6. Publish date: Leave as current date, unless you’d like to backdate or publish in the future.

  7. Article Type: For an article to appear on your news & events feed, select “Announcement, News, Press Release, or Story.” For an article to appear on a custom feed, please email webhelp.

  8. Primary unit: [Your Unit]

  9. Skip Featured Person.

  10. Related units: If there is a related department please select them--type the first few letters of the name and then pick from drop down. It’s recommended to seek approval from related department, as the article will publish to their feed too.

  11. Category: not required. If obvious (e.g. story about undergrad, check undergraduate students), please tick.

  12. External URL: If applicable, enter link to outside source. This will redirect the article to the external site when clicked on the CLA site. If using, there only needs to be one character in the body text (no one will see the body text).

  13. Publishing options: check Published (keeping this unchecked will save as a draft).

  14. Click Save