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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a CLA profile for a new staff member or student?

  • If you would like to create a new CLA profile, please email

Can we add our own pictures onto the pages?

  • No. Some pages, such as people pages, do not support pictures. If you would like to add/ change a photo, please email or Lisa Miller at

Why can’t I access my site to make edits?

  • Make sure you entered the https at the beginning of the URL. If you did and it’s not working, you may not have permission to edit. Please contact

Why can’t I edit a page?

  • You most likely do not have permission. Please contact  

Can I see who made changes on a page?

  • Yes. By clicking on the “Revisions” tab on each page, you can see who made the last change and when. You can also compare older versions to see what changes were made.

Why can’t I change font color, size, etc.?

How can another staff/faculty member be allowed to edit/make changes to the site?

  • If you would like another user to obtain permission to edit, please contact The staff member will have to attend Drupal training with a webteam member before gaining permissions.

Why is something [capitalized/ italicized/ bolded/ has quotation marks around it]?

I copied text from a Google document or Microsoft Word document but it looks strange in the WYSIWYG. Why?

  • When transferring content from a Google Doc or other source, some formatting may stick around in the code. To remove, highlight the content in the text editor and hit the ‘remove source formatting’ button.

Why does the title of my new site link to my old site?

  • If you are trying to return to your homepage and get directed back to your old site, your new site is not live. To return to your homepage, you will have to enter the URL manually. Remember to keep the https in the URL.

Will people be redirected from my old site to my new site?

  • If users attempt to access your old site, they will be redirected to the new site. We highly recommend saving any content from your old site that you may need, as we cannot guarantee your old site will be archived.

Can I access any documents I had on my old site?

  • We cannot guarantee that you will retain access to documents on your old site. We recommend saving any documents to the University of Minnesota Libraries Digital Conservancy. You can view your old site at: (however, you will not be able to access external links or files).

I made an event on and it has not showed up on my site yet.

  • This could be for several reasons. 1) If an event is too far in the future, it may not post until the event date gets closer. 2) You may not have chosen the right primary unit; if you did not select your unit, it will not populate on your site. Or, did you use an ampersand when your unit name uses “and”? 3) You may not have published the event. See: creating content- events. If you are still having problems, please contact as it may be a problem with Drupal.

I created an article for my department and it has not showed up on my site yet.

I added a feature photo for an article, but it cropped strangely.

  • Feature photos automatically crop to create a height of 424px. Plan ahead by choosing a photo with more space at the top and bottom.

How do I find a photo/file that I uploaded?

  • Under My Workbench, click the File List tab. Here you will see a list of files (images and pdf’s) recently uploaded. Try searching by file name or sorting alphabetically by the unit to aid in your search.

I uploaded the wrong photo/file. How do I delete it?

  • You cannot delete a file that you have uploaded. If you would like a file deleted, please contact the CLA Web Team at with the name of the file. Deleting files frees up storage and helps Drupal (and your site) run quicker, so please reach out if you need something removed!

Why can’t I create a page?

  • Page creation is handled centrally by the webteam to prevent overall Drupal sprawl, to keep the system running as fast as possible, and to ensure the integrity of site menus. Please email if you would like pages added to your site.

Can I create my own personal site using Drupal?

  • The scope of the project includes department, degree program, college centers, and certain initiative websites. These types of websites are not included in the migration project: labs, individual faculty, externally funded projects, courses, and intranets. If you need help creating a site for any of these situations, we suggest you consult OIT’s web service offerings:

How do I get my department’s intranet on our new site?

  • If you have an existing intranet site for your department, please email the link to and we will add the link to the footer of your site.

I would like to create an intranet for my department. How can I do this?