Anchor links

Links located at the top of a page that link to a heading/section on that same page. CLA is moving away from using anchor links.

Feature Image

Used in articles or on generic pages. Their dimensions are 870 x 580 pixels. You will be required to crop both the top and bottom.

Generic page

Type of page used for most content, usually accessed from a landing page (e.g. Career Exploration, Staff, Support)

Hero Image

Located at the top of a landing page. Their dimensions are 1300 x 510 pixels.

Landing page

Type of page accessed mainly through the navigation bar (e.g. Undergraduate, People, Alumni)

Mega Portal

 landing page. Appears as a photo and title, e.g. For Undergrad Students and acts as a “portal” to another page

Positioning Statement

A one-two sentence aspirational statement/ mission statement of your department.


One to two sentence brief of the main content on a page. Shows up on landing pages or news/events feeds.

Teaser Image

Image of at least 270 x 180 pixels to accompany teaser text. Will use  and resize feature image if no teaser image is uploaded.


What You See Is What You Get, CLA WYSIWYG is the text editor we use on Drupal—it automatically sets text to the CLA style (unless text is copy/pasted into the WYSIWYG: see remove source formatting)


Each page has a unique node number that will never change, even if the page title does. Using the node when linking to another page in CLA is more secure than using the page URL.


Unique feeds on certain pages. Runs horizontally across the page, and displays articles.