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Medical Materialities Symposium

Medical Materialities: Teaching, Feeding, and Healing the Body through Medical Humanities
March 27, 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017
University of Minnesota
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Similar to the study of the premodern world and the complicated negotiation of categories of modernity and premodernity, medical humanities simultaneously engages in issues demanding contemporary attention while revealing the historical interconnectedness between these issues and historical problems. By foregrounding the body, the symposium identifies it as a transactional site. In a series of sessions throughout the day, presenters will explore a variety of topics. A session on pedagogy and anatomy will address the ways that teaching the body is linked to larger pedagogical concerns during the Middle Ages, Italian Risorgimento, and in today’s anatomy classroom.  This session will include an opportunity for attendees to participate in a brainstorming poster project where graduate students propose projects and receive feedback from graduate students and faculty from a variety of disciplines who circulate from project to project to identify possible methodologies to enrich proposed research. A second session will turn to illness and infirmity, again covering a range of time periods and disciplines. The final session will include papers on the relationship between food and bodily health and feature speakers on food in the Middle Ages, food and medicine in the early modern period, and current approaches to nutrition and public health.

Speakers include Anthony Weinhous, Jole Shackelford, and Maggie Hennefeld, (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities); Patrizia Fughelli  and Barbara Troise Rioda (Università di Bologna), Marcia Nichols (University of Minnesota - Rochester), Valeria Finucci (Duke University), and David Gentilcore (University of Leicester).

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