Engagement Activities

The Second-Year Success Series requires a minimum of four engagement activities, including at least one activity from each of the following three categories: Career, Leadership, and Academic. View all of the different 

City Year

available to you.


The second year is a great time to gain career-related experiences and being open to explore what you would like to do after graduation. The workshops and activities in the career section will allow you to learn more about yourself and your goals, explore or strengthen your career options, and build marketable skills.


As a second year student, you are no longer new to the University and are ready to be a full member of the community. The activities in the leadership section involve social and civic engagement, organizational involvement, and leadership. These activities will help you choose the kinds of communities you want to be a part of or find the best ways to grow as a leader within them.


You may wonder how to narrow down major choice or have questions about building deeper relationships with faculty. It may be time to find new strategies for studying, get help with your second language requirement, or start planning for learning abroad. The activities in this category will enhance your academic success, both your second year and beyond.

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