Faculty Works in Progress with Megan Finch and Jani Scandura

New writing and scholarship from English professors
Side-by-side head shot photos of two people: on left, person with dark hair down to shoulders and brown skin; on right, person with short dark hair to chin and light skin
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The English Faculty Works in Progress series encourages in-depth department engagement with current faculty research and writing. Assistant Professor Megan Finch (pictured, left) will present a draft of the introduction to her book in progress "Perverse Relations: Idiotic Unreason and Black Social Life," which explores how and why Black women writers beginning in the 1960s so frequently engage the trope of the mad Black woman. Associate Professor Jani Scandura (right) will present a series of five fragments from a section of her monograph in progress "Almost Sacred: Art in the Midst of War" entitled "Slight Differences: Klein. kleine Kohn. Klein and Klein. Kleins gangrenés. Who is Klein?" Email sutt0063@umn.edu for pre-circulated papers.

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