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Act now to help move English into Pillsbury Hall!

Ask Governor Dayton to support the Pillsbury Hall renovation for English
December 6, 2017

Front of Pillsbury Hall

Front of Pillsbury Hall
Pillsbury Hall: with your help, the future home of the Department of English!

The University of Minnesota has asked the Minnesota State Legislature and the governor to fund the renovation of Pillsbury Hall as a home for English. Governor Mark Dayton is this month deciding on his budget, which he'll present to legislators in January.

Help persuade Governor Dayton to include the Pillsbury Hall renovation in his bonding bill budget by emailing him here.

Tell him why you would benefit from English having a home in Pillsbury. Tell him why the state would benefit from preserving the most historically significant building on campus—one that another governor, John S. Pillsbury, paid for himself in order to keep the University of Minnesota "broad in its scope" and "powerful in its influence."

Want to marshal your arguments? Read the Star Tribune article "Pillsbury Hall, U's second-oldest building, in line for $36 million in TLC" or 10 quick facts about the project.

Below is a sample email—feel free to personalize. Thank you for helping win Pillsbury Hall for English!

Dear Governor Dayton:
     I write, as a major in (or an alum/friend of) the Department of English at the University of Minnesota, to encourage you to support the Pillsbury Hall Renovation as part of your 2018 budget.
     With over 500 majors and minors, the English department is one of the largest in the College of Liberal Arts. However, it has been shoe-horned into cramped and inadequate facilities in the home of the College of Science & Engineering for nearly 50 years. CSE needs its Lind Hall space to develop new programs to fill the demand for skilled computing professionals. English needs its own home in Pillsbury Hall to centralize its offices and classrooms and provide the 6,000 students annually enrolled in English classes essential space to collaborate, study, and engage with our professors.
     The Department of English has more than 8,000 alumni, most of whom stayed in Minnesota to build its publishing, law, arts, advertising, finance, and education communities. Renovating Pillsbury Hall will not only preserve a beautiful building with an amazing history, it will represent a commitment to University students past, present, and future that Minnesota cares about educating its citizens for productive careers and a thriving state.
     Please support the Pillsbury Hall Renovation. Thank you!