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Advisory Board Member Argues for Importance of Humanities

Author and philanthropy consultant Judith Healey publishes Star Tribune opinion piece
September 18, 2017
On September 11, English BA alumna Judith K. Healey published an opinion piece in The Star Tribune, "How the University of Minnesota's Capital Campaign Can Be Even Stronger: Humanities." "We live in a culture that values technology and science above all," writes Healey, "but we work in a world of words and ideas first. . . . Literature, philosophy, history, theater, rhetoric and communication provide us with the tools to take part in modern life, to make and change careers, to support our families and make a contribution to our communities." Healey is a long-time member of the Department of English Advisory Board. She is Principal at JKH Executive Consulting. She is also the author of the novels The Canterbury Papers (2012), The Rebel Princess (2010), and The Lost Letters of Aquitaine (2005), and co-authored Frederick Weyerhaeuser and the American West.