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English Undergraduate Conference

Hear from English majors, faculty, and alums!
April 4, 2017

Image of person climbing between two books

Image of person climbing between two books
Art by Taylor Daniels, UMN major in Fine Arts

What is the one place you can meet English majors, learn about the latest research happening in English studies, and hear exciting new poetry and fiction? It's English's yearly gathering at the University of Minnesota, the 8th annual English Undergraduate Conference April 6-7.

There's something for everyone this year, and all the events are taking place right here in Lind 207A.

  • Thursday evening includes a free dinner and the Creative Writing Showcase, with readings from students and MFA poet candidate Roy Guzmán. Last summer, Guzmán wrote and published a chapbook to benefit the victims of the Orlando, Florida, Pulse nightclub shootings. He is working on a book of poems that look at his heritage and immigrant experiences. [Tom Rademacher had to cancel due to illness. Rademacher's new memoirIt Won’t Be Easy: An Exceedingly Honest (and Slightly Unprofessional) Love Letter to Teaching—is coming out April 25 from the University of Minnesota Press.]
  • Friday features free breakfast and lunch and four sessions of student presentations, on topics ranging from Game of Thrones to Frederick Douglass, from Daredevil comics to discpline procedures in Twin Cities schools. Plus new fiction, memoir, poetry, and scripts for the screen and the stage.
  • At 12:15 pm Friday, right before lunch, five English professors will speak five minutes each for English Faculty Lightning Talks. Elaine Auyoung, Christopher Pexa, Katherine Scheil, Kim Todd, and Amit Yahav are featured—and they'll stick around to chat over lunch.

All welcome, including friends, family, and prospective majors!