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Julie Schumacher an "Artist of the Year"

Professor's Thurber win brings year-end recognition
January 7, 2016

Minneapolis' City Pages newspaper featured Professor Julie Schumacher as one of its "Artists of the Year" in a  year's end cover feature, citing her win of the Thurber Prize for Humor, the first time the award was given to a woman. Schumacher received the Thurber for Dear Committee Members, a comic novel built of a cranky (male) Midwestern English professor's recommendation letters. The article quoted Schumacher on the novel's writing process: "All the things you think during the day when you're in a bad mood but you would never say out loud? I thought, 'Okay, those are going right in his mouth.' It was cathartic fun."

Schumacher's historic Thurber win was also featured in The Star Tribune's "Artist of the Year" story.