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New Book by Qadri Ismail

The Literature professor publishes his second monograph
November 16, 2015

In November, Associate Professor Qadri Ismail published Culture and Eurocentrism with Rowman & Littlefield. According to the publisher, "The conviction that we all have, possess or inhabit a discrete culture, and have done so for centuries, is one of the more dominant default assumptions of our contemporary politico-intellectual moment. However, the concept of culture as a signifier of subjectivity only entered the modern Anglo-U.S. episteme in the late 19th century. Culture and Eurocentrism seeks to account for the term’s relatively recent emergence and movement through the episteme, networked with many other concepts—nature, race, society, imagination, savage, and civilization—at the confluence of several disciplines. Culture, it contends, doesn’t describe difference but produces it, hierarchically."