How are you #UMNRemoting?

English faculty, grad students, and staff are writing, teaching, and researching at home

University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff are learning to do their work in physical isolation, but that doesn't mean we have to be isolated from each other. As we exchange words and images we can envision others, reading and writing just as we are. Share your home workplace with #UMNRemoting!

What it's like to work at home from Professor Julie Schumacher, author of the award-winning novel Dear Committe Members. (That's Moo.)

Photo of Prof Julie Schumacher's table with cat walking across writing notebook

PhD candidate Amanda Alexander, this spring's "Analysis of the English Language" instructor, with some inspiring Red Riding Hood art.

Photo of PhD candidate Amanda Alexander's office, with art above of wolf with Red Riding Hood

PhD candidate Sungjin Shin's companions support her writing.

Photo of Sungjin Shin home office with two cats next to (and under) computer

Assistant Professor Kathryn Nuernberger's new poetry collection Rue draws from ethnobotanical histories of plants.

Photo of Prof Kathryn Nuernberger's desk, with painting of forest glade above and golden dog curios on shelf

PhD candidate Keelia Estrada Moeller sets up by the hearth fire.

Photo of PhD candidate Keelia Estrada Moeller's home office

Creative Writing Program Coordinator Holly Vanderhaar works with an assist from Pangur Bán, named after this poem. "Pangur Bán and I at work, / Adepts, equals, cat and clerk."

Photo of English staffer Holly Vanderhaar with cat on her shoulder

Professor Josephine Lee is editor of the new Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture. The cat wishes to remain anonymous.

Photo of Prof Josephine Lee's desk with eyeglasses and pink plastic cat

PhD candidate Shavera Seneviratne getting ready to teach The Tempest.

Photo of Shavera Seneviratne's home office with computer monitor and books

PhD candidate Andrew Hamilton reflects in a room with a view.

Photo of PhD candidate Andrew Hamilton's home office, with a clear glass desk below a window

PhD candidate Hannah Jorgenson works from the couch. Zaney is not displeased.

Photo of PhD candidate Hannah Jorgenson's hand, computer, and cat

Old and new in Professor John Watkins' office, with needlework from his grandmother and a Lincoln rocker his dad remembered buying in 1930.

Photo of Prof John Watkins' office, with wall of bookshelves, crochet blanket over rocker with stool, monitor on wood desk

PhD candidate Kerstin Tuttle, inspired by presspot, Poloroids, and a steep pile of reading.

Photo of Kerstin Tuttle's office set up, with Poloroid photos on the wall

Sensing a theme re: books. PhD candidate Clara Biesel with a classroom assignment, as well as a personal one.

Photo of PhD candidate Clara Biesel's office with a wall of books and sticker on computer "Start Writing"

Finally, a living room takeover, from Communications Specialist Terri Sutton.

Photo of Sutton home office: laptop, chair, stack of papers on speaker


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