First to Declare Editing & Publishing Certificate!

Undergrad Haakenson embraces new career readiness opportunity in English
Photo of English major Hannah Haakenson standing on frozen lake

The first student to declare English's Certificate in Editing & Publishing was "beyond ecstatic" when she heard about the new program. "I think the certificate will give me a leg up when applying for jobs in the publishing industry," says junior Hannah Haakenson. "I have learned that these companies really value experience, so having a certificate that shows I took advantage of publishing-specific courses is a beneficial opportunity for me."

Haakenson has already fulfilled the certificate's experiential learning component via EngL 3711/3712, the class that creates The Tower magazine. "It is a year-long class, and you walk through the entire publishing process as you develop a beautiful art and literary magazine," she notes. "Senior Lecturer James Cihlar has a ton of experience in the publishing field (both as an editor and writer), so he is a great resource."

"This certificate could be
the one thing that sets you
apart from the competition
and gets you the opportunity
you’ve always wanted."
        - Hannah Haakenson

Besides completing either the Tower class or a publishing internship, students must take two English courses, "Introduction to Editing and Publishing" and "The Business of Publishing." Says Haakenson: "I look forward to taking the classes and connecting with professionals in the field. The English major has done a great job preparing me for a career in publishing, and I am so excited to see how these courses will further my learning and enhance my skills."

Completion of the program is noted on final transcripts. You don't have to be an English major to declare the certificate: it's open to students from across the University. Haakenson herself is minoring in Technical Writing and Communications to improve her ability to write professionally in emails, memos, etc.

In addition, Haakenson is currently a student production assistant at the University of Minnesota Press, works as a copy editor at The Minnesota Daily and The Wake, and is a content provider for CLAgency. She also interns at Tiger Oak Media and Twin Cities Geek magazine and is a volunteer editor at MURAJ (the Minnesota Undergraduate Research and Academic Journal). "All of these experiences are teaching me how valuable it is to network," says Haakenson. "I love getting to know my fellow coworkers and hearing about their experiences in the publishing industry."

So, how does it to have been first in line to declare the U's new Certificate in Editing & Publishing?

"Honestly, it feels amazing!" Haakenson says. "I am so excited to have the opportunity to add this to my academic achievements. I strongly encourage other students who are interested in editing and/or publishing to consider getting this certificate—it could be the one thing that sets you apart from the competition and gets you the opportunity you’ve always wanted."

To learn more about declaring the Certificate of Editing & Publishing, call English Undergraduate Studies (612-625-4592) to schedule an advising appointment.
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