Annual Conference


The annual English Undergraduate Conference in spring semester is a celebration of talent and new ideas emerging from our majors. The 2019 conference will take place the evening of April 11 and all day April 12, in Lind Hall 207A.

Students present academic and creative works in a supportive environment of peers, graduate students, and English faculty. Free meals bookend the panel sessions, which provide opportunities to meet other English majors and chat with professors. For an idea of the program, check out this year's schedule below.

Panelists gain practice with academic conference and work presentations. Students also acquire professional experience by helping to plan, publicize, and coordinate the conference. Email if you’re interested in helping with the conference!

Submissions are now closed.


This year's schedule


2019 English Undergraduate Conference 

207A Lind Hall





6:30-7 pm: Opening reception
7-8:30 pm: Creative Writing Showcase, presented by The Tower 
  • Grace Henry
  • Hannah Haakenson
  • Noah Causey: “A Part of It” (nonfiction)
  • Maya Ulrich: “The Bottle or the Bullet (my father is)” (poetry)
  • Alexandra Blanck: “The River” (poetry)
  • Lucas Kurmis: “What Did You Say?” (fiction)
  • Grace Langeberg: “Baseball” (fiction)
  • Miki Schumacher: “On Grief and Other Lovers” (nonfiction)
  • Kayleen Hedberg: “The One Where the Bathtub Drain is Clogged Again” (fiction)
  • Joe Cunningham: “Devil’s Entropy” (fiction)
  • Lauren Foley: “Pipeline Country” (poetry)
  • Ellen Ailts: Summa Thesis “Glamour” (fiction)




9-9:30 am: Breakfast
9:30 - 10:30 am: Panel 1
  • Joe Moser
  • Elizabeth Schleisman, "Mental Pain in Young Adult Literature"
  • Ashley Fischer, "Erasing Indigeneity: Race, Religion and the American Identity at the Bethany Indian Mission"
  • Palmer Haasch, "Intertextuality, Character Archetypes, and Fan Community in K-pop Fanfiction"
  • Alexandra Buelow, "Admix" (Creative Fiction)
10:45 am - 11:45 am: Panel 2
  • Geoffrey Sirc
  • Elizabeth Gehlen, "Corporeality in the Works of Wright, Morrison, and Lorde"
  • Emily Milos, "Colonialism's Effects on the Class Hierarchy in Great Expectations"
  • Anna Rosin, "Contemporary Motherhood Memoir: Redefining Motherhood While Deserving Intellectual Recognition"
  • Joshua Marino, "Xander" (Creative Fiction)
11:45 - 1:15 pm: LUNCH, with Panel on Careers in Publishing & Communications
  • Kristina Hall, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Lerner Publishing Group
  • Colleen Ware, Communications Specialist, CLAgency
  • Emma Pitzl, CLAgency Managing Editor, and University of Minnesota Press Intern
  • Joyce Halverson, Career Counselor for English Languages and Literature
1:15 - 2:15 pm: Panel 3
  • Ann Tandy-Treiber
  • Adeline Saunders, "The Pathologization of African Americans in the United States"
  • Gabriella Granada, "Who Gets to Be Angry: an Autoethnography of Women's Anger"
  • Holly Hutchins, "Lit for Life!: Using Representative Literature in High School Classrooms to Make Our World a Better Place"
  • Alex Schumacher, "Why I Want to be Miranda July" (Creative Nonfiction)
2:15 - 2:45 pm: Closing reception