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Success Starts Here: Graduate Student Placement and Alumni Achievement

May 10, 2016

Our department is happy to announce that during the 2015–2016 academic year, three of our graduate students found success on the job market. Jiewon Baek will be an assistant professor at Covenant College; Séverine Bates will be an assistant professor at University of Evansville; and Anaïs Nony will begin a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Florida State University's Winthrop-King Institute. Additionally, MA students Kate Schindler and Chloé Mais passed their MA exams.

Alumni Laura Burch was granted tenure at The College of Wooster. Alumni Anna Rosensweig is moving from her post-doc at the University of Southern California to a tenure-track position at the University of Rochester.

Placement and support of our graduate program is something that our department takes very seriously. Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Juliette Cherbuliez notes, “Their remarkable successes this year in obtaining jobs both outside of academia (in publishing, teaching, and research) and in colleges and universities across the US is due in part to our excellent mentoring program where faculty work extremely closely with graduate students (on their research, but also on grants writing and on publication), our important summer fellowship program that allows students to travel for their research, and our outstanding teacher-training work."

The French and Italian graduate students continue to set themselves apart through dedication to research. Professor Cherbuliez adds, “Our students also attend important summer institutes at Dartmouth and Cornell, allowing them to work with international figures in their fields and hone their research models. The result is that our students publish in top journals in our field, attend international conferences and are first-rate teachers!”

Bravo to all on your successful year!