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Successful French & Italian Graduate Symposium 2016

May 10, 2016
FRIT Grad Symposium Giving Tree

The French and Italian department hosted a graduate conference, Thinking Community, on April 8-9, 2016. Keynote speaker, Carolyn Dean (Professor of History & French, Yale University) also held a kickoff workshop. Bruno Chaouat (FRIT department chair) offers, “Thanks to Linda Odegard’s support and the energy and passion of our French graduate students, the graduate symposium on the theme of community was very successful. Professor Carolyn Dean, historian at Yale University, gave a superb keynote address on community and the genealogy of secular witnessing in the context of 20th century totalitarianism.”

There were a total of six presenters on two panels. Panel one, "Representing Otherness and Communities", included Sandra Reillier (Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese, University of Minnesota), Agnes Schaffauser (Dept. of French & Italian, University of Minnesota) and Selim Rauer (Universite Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle/Dept. of French & Italian, University of Minnesota). Panel two, "Tracing Individuality and Community", presenters included Shiloh Stone (Dept. of French & Italian, University of Minnesota), Patrick Lyons (Dept. of French, University of California, Berkeley) and Kate Droske (Dept. of French & Italian, University of Minnesota).